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And to confidently drive traffic, you need to keep your website up-to-date. All you need to do is enter Affiliate IDs, and subscribe to add as many stores as you want. You website will be automatically updated on a near-real-time basis from all your Networks. No Ads, No hidden costs Updates to your theme and content will automatically reflect on your Mobile App. Increases Customer Loyalty. Brand signal to Search Engines. All other coupon themes require external plugins to configure social media tags on your website.

Banners and descriptions get used correctly in shared Coupons and Store pages instead of random content or images. You can even specify your default images and text to use in case of new pages. No need to log into each page and share your Coupons.

This gives a uniform experience to your visitors. And also gives a sense of relation to the store itself. ClipMyDeals Theme has a banner position on each store's page. Add Locations or Headquarters to Store Pages. This not only gives additional info to the visitor but also indicates high-quality and detailed content. Yes, Search Engines love that. Your visitors are more likely to use the coupon or complete the sale after seeing an interesting Ad or a relevant video. Videos also increase your chances of ranking higher in Search Engines.

Category and Store lists are vital navigation links to internal pages of your website that cannot be accommodated in the top menu. Internal Links are one of the top 5 ranking factors in Search Engines. Make it easy for your visitors to share your lovely and useful website with their friends and family.

Wp Coupon Plugin Download - All the Best WordPress PDF Plugins (Most Are Free)

Let your visitors turn into loyal fans and followers by placing Facebook, Twitter and other "Like Boxes". User feedback can help you improve and grow. Let them contact you using plugins like Contact Form 7 , etc. These guys are awesome! I had been looking to upgrade my website since some time when I came across ClipMyDeals.

Wordpress Print Coupon Plugin

When I deployed it, something extra-ordinary started to happen. I could see more and more returning visitors in my analytics. I think because my website was now much faster and easier to use. I would like to thank ClipMyDeals team for such a wonderful theme. It was very easy to start my Coupon website with the help of ClipMyDeals. I don't think any freelancer could have developed such a stable and easy to use theme for me. Plus, I am getting all this in WordPress, which I am comfortable with. I am really happy with the support as they respond to tickets very quickly.

Wish them all the best, and thank you all once again. Before we created ClipMyDeals, all other available themes were created by companies that sell different themes. There was not a single theme that understood the real problems faced by Coupon websites. Every theme had irrelevant features that were not needed, and did not have some of the most basic features required for an affiliate website.

We know what a new coupon website needs and what needs to be done as the traffic increases.

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And so, we packed all that into ClipMyDeals for you! Once you make the payment, you will receive an email typically after a few minutes with your account login credentials. You can use these to log into the ClipMyDeals panel. Once inside the panel, you can download the.

ClipMyDeals comes bundled with all features, so there are no dependencies on any third party plugins. You will need to set your installation domain name in the panel, and use the license key to activate the theme. Each license can be used for exactly one domain.

Apart from the domain, you can also use it on your local server localhost or on your test subdomain. For example, if your primary domain name for the license is "mycouponwebsite.


Each license comes with lifetime FREE updates, which means you will be notified in your WordPress Updates page whenever we release a new version. Once someone clicked on that link, a login panel will be popped up.

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The theme includes two additional page templates which automatically update and display your entire list of coupon categories and stores. WP Coupon theme lets you customize the way coupons are viewed with built-in auto redirect to store affiliate URL in previous tab and open coupon modal. Our coupon theme supports the three main affiliate coupon code types which are online coupon codes, website offers and offline printable coupon codes.

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Skip to content Coupon WP. Best Responsive Coupon Theme for WP The theme provides everything you need to build an affiliate coupon code websites that allow visitors to browse coupons and deals provided by third party stores. Features and Compatible plugins:. Coupon Expiry Options Decide what happens to coupon codes when they expire. Load more coupons with Ajax Let your visitors load more coupons without reload the page for better experience.

Quick Store Ajax Search Boost your user experience by providing a user friendly Ajax powered search form. Flexible Coupon Type Our coupon theme supports the three main affiliate coupon code types which are online coupon codes, website offers and offline printable coupon codes.

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Coupons Deals - Offers Printable Coupons. Track coupon usage. Share coupon via social media or email. Ajax comments, without reload the page.

Auto redirect to affiliate link when clicked. More Features. All you need to worry about is running your business.