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Here are Texas's Double Coupon Grocery Stores: Albertsons stores are always a little different as the stores set their policies themselves. Check with your local Albertsons for specific policies. Kroger has been on a campaign to cut double coupons from many of their stores, and most of Texas unfortunately falls under that list.

Customers who use their Homeland One Cards will be able to double manufacturer's coupons every day. At Brookshire's customers can use up to four "like" coupons for double or triple value. Only manufacturer's or Brookshire's coupons can be used for doubling or tripling. Tom Thumbs in Dallas double coupons. Super S Randall's , like Albertson's, has both a double coupon and triple coupon policy. I see these folks as another form of hoarders. Of course, I would enjoy being their neighbor as I sense I could get condiments for free.

Austin, Texas

I've seen that show a couple of time and LOVE it! Wish I could be as great at it as they are. I have heard that when some extreme couponers get freebies, they will donate them to a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen. I agree that having 76 bottles of mustard and other such examples is a form of hoarding. They should adopt some kind of extreme couponing saying like, "If you have more than three, set it free. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum.

It is free and quick. Additional giveaways are planned. Detailed information about all U. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. User-defined colors Preset color patterns. Opacity: Opacity. Most recent value. Based on data. Search this Thread Advanced Search. Similar Threads Looking for extreme couponers. View detailed profiles of: Austin, Texas. Cedar Park, Texas. Center, Texas. Follow City-Data. Twitter :. Extreme Couponing? Austin, Cedar Park, Atlanta: sales, coupons, buying. User Name. Thanks so much for the article. Joyce—batteries and pain meds have expirations. I so agree with you I too go to discount stores like aldis, pricerite and whole sale meat stores plus I use coupons and get the sale items from the grocery stores but I use a variety of sources.

The show is funny but not really practical and what about expiration dates?? I enjoyed reading this article and all the comments. Once again Jill hit the nail on the head…one can take anything too far. I have used coupons and not used coupons and I can save either way. Currently, I do coupon. I do have small stashes of items in my bathroom cabinets and cleaning closet.

I buy 2 papers each week. This is perfect to last my family until the next sale. I like shopping for deals during my lunch hour at work since the stores are so close to my office. Like others said, the cashiers are scrutinizing coupons more than ever and stores have tightened policies. I have to get to the convenience store near my home really early on Sunday mornings or else extreme couponers have stolen all of the inserts from the papers.

Her daughter watched the entire thing. Nice, huh? Angie it is that type of thing I am talking about when I say when things done to an extreme makes everything get unbalanced and causes chaos. To me taking the coupons without paying for the paper is stealing. The person is stealing from the newspaper company and is also stealing from the honest customer that pays for the paper and gets home to find there are no coupons.

Yes, Alisha—and it looks like the retailers are taking steps of their own…. The retailers are pushing back, putting limits on what we can do. Jill you are so right. I hope the extreme coupon craze is over soon so that things get back to normal. They have hundreds of copies of the same coupon. Sometimes they take several people to the store with them to try and bypass limits. In my area, the stores limit everything to four like coupons, which I think is fair. No thanks. The level of couponing that I do supplements my grocery budget yet is fun and relaxing. The extreme couponers on the show…some of them are practically having panic attacks in the checkout lines.

Thanks for your common sense articles Jill. But it IS sad to see what people will do…stealing from the neighbors, from the papers, and even teaching their children to steal. And then they wonder why the stores are clamping down as they do. Yes, extreme coupon is very important to me.

Which Grocery Stores Double Coupons? | Austin Couponing

I have relatives that have gotten caught in the housing remortgage scam and is close to losing their home. I am trying to learn how to find coupons that will help them save cash. Delia, this site has a gluten-free section. A balanced approach is always best. Like others have mentioned,I found a way to make couponing work for me. I really took up doing coupons so we could afford to keep buying healthy food. I sure wish they would have a lot more produce coupons — they are so rare. I could honestly see stocking up on some canned foods for emergencies. My concerns have been addressed.

I started using coupons because of the extreme couponing show. I actually find couponing enjoyable but I placed limits on it. I can only use a coupon to buy three of the same items at the two stores I shop at. Three items is plenty in any one trip. I only buy 3 to 6 Sunday papers. I can clip coupons when they are playing outside, etc. My papers cost me about 6 dollars a week. The savings more than pays for the papers. People also give me coupons. The biggest stock pile I have is toothpaste I probably have 8 tubes I got for free on different shopping trips and the spaghetti sauce my family likes..

I guess my point is, like your point, that it is okay in moderation. Some of the people on the extreme couponing show do border on addiction. I also have room to store items. I liked reading in the tightward gazzette, it is not the amount of money you save, it is the amount that you spend…. Who really needs deodorant. I have to give credit to those who donate the items.. Will I ever be an extreme couponer, probably not. But I do like saving 30 to 50 dollars on my shopping trips. Aldi and clearance are life savers. Like you I just believe in moderation and using and learning all different ways to save just the way you are doing.

Found out that Walmart will from what I have read on their coupon policy take Internet-generated coupons. At our house, that list would include be cereal, peanut butter, toilet paper, and soap. Never buy cereal boxes, I make breakfast oatmeal, grits, eggs, toast waffles etc. I figured if those people could do it, I could do it. One of my adult sons works at a newspaper and for the longest time, he had been able to grab a stack of coupons that were left over and give them away.

His sister in law would get a big stack from him and she would really save. It always amazed me how much she could save. But, all good things come to an end. He can no longer get those coupons. He is able to bring Sunday papers to church and all the couponing moms love him. And often times, there are few I would use anyway. My child still at home has just now started eating cereal, so now I look for coupons on the kinds he likes, but there is little else I use. Sometimes cleaning supplies and toiletries.

I buy store laundry soap and save that way. Walmarts brand does work well. I use their HE soap, fabric softener and dryer sheets and save a lot. Walmart paper towels are good. So are their diapers. We always used Parents Choice real cloth wipes, too. I have many times compared name brand minus a coupon to store brand and found the store brand still came out ahead.

I am pleased with Aldi brands. They are good quality. Ours is a new, big store and I find that I buy more and more there all the time. Maybe more people are taking up couponing, Gayle. I also learned from the Food Network that many of the generic-brand cereals are actually the same as the major brands. The major brand simply switches boxes or goes to bags at the factory.

You can also get coupons off the internet. I got half-off a bag of frozen berries from Sprouts that way. Hello all! You used to be able to combine them with in-store promotions and specials i. For instance: why do you have to buy two of something? There are very few things I can think of that I need more that one of. I usually get fresh fruit, vegetables, meats and cheeses. But it can be done. I recently went grocery shopping with my best friend, who still has 2 boys at home. She had 2 carts, one of which is full of junk, like chips, snack cakes, sodas, and so on.

My question was: how much are you spending on junk food alone? I raised 3 boys by myself, and the only time there was junk in the house was for special occasions, such as holidays and birthdays. Drinks were milk, juice and water, water, water. Ranch dressing and Jif peanut butter were food groups all of their own, but at least they ate these things.

Point is: there are other ways to cut food costs without all this couponing. Time is a factor for a lot of people as well. I usually shop different places. Toiletries and so on from dollar stores…when you shop at one place, even a place like Wal-mart, you tend to spend more. And of course, you always pay for convenience. The coupons are stacked and anything free is on top and the item is first on the belt.

This person is disabled unable to work so gets the coupons ready the day before shopping. At the store if the customer saves a certain percentage of the bill we need the manager. This person is fun to check out and people are amazed by the savings. This customer does this three of four times during the check out process.

I realize they are just watching out for their money but when they shop at the busiest time of the day and then they have to stop the check out because they forgot something it gets very upsetting to the customer behind them that has a child with them who is tired of shopping or hungry. The first customer I mentioned in the comment usually jokes around with the person next in line and apologizes for any hold up the second customer just yells at the spouses because something is forgotten or they got the wrong item.

Sorry so long. I think extreme couponing is a waste unless you are buying items you are actually going to use… For instance, I buy bodywash routinely.. The only time I use coupons are for items that I routinely use, or for things I may buy if they are cheap enough with the coupon. Because of the extreme couponing craze generated by the TV show, some of the grocery stores here have begun limiting customers to no more than 4 coupons per type of item at any one time.

There are a few ladies in my church, including myself, who are into couponing not extreme couponing. Just an idea. There were a few people on the couponing program who were actually collecting things for others. One man was buying razors and such with coupons.

H-E-B COUPON POLICY! (Understanding it)

He donated them to the military. I have been couponing for years. But I have never been extreme. I have gotten an amazing deal here or there and stocked up. But I only stock up on non-food items. I found food items expire too quickly to stockpile. I do enjoy using coupons but think I would enjoy it less if I was extreme. That being said, I do still enjoy getting the free shampoo, etc. I just think like anything extremes are not usually good. It seems really stressful to be extreme!

It took my 2 hours to shop while I had my sons work out the cost of item and figure out the best deal. I rarely use coupons now. Like someone else said, they are not the same. I still aim at buying my items at a certain price. I have my favorite stores to buy each item. I stockpile when something is an extreme deal. I usually come very close. And that is without coupons, except at JoAnn fabrics. Now from the other side of the check out counter. The coupons in the JoAnn flyer say only one coupon per customer, but often they want me to ring them up two and three separate times to over use these coupons.

I understand why they want to do that, but now being on the other side, I see that as my wages going bye-bye. Please follow the rules. For those of us that buy Sunday papers for the purpose of getting the coupon inserts, I have some money saving ideas and tips. Some Sundays, especially on Holiday weekends, there are no coupon inserts. There is a website: taylortowncoupons. It will show what inserts will be in the papers or if there will be none.

First of all, I had to justify that the cost of the Sunday papers is worth the coupon savings I get. For me, it is! I keep track of how much I save with coupons each week. The store receipts make this very easy to do because it usually prints at the bottom. I know some people buy more than 2 Sunday papers to get more coupons. Rite Aid will only take 4 like coupons per visit and my Kroger will only take 3 like coupons per visit.

I realize that some people make more than one trip but for me, 2 coupons is usually enough to stock-up on a good deal for my family. In reading some of the other comments here, I agree that there are more coupons out there for toiletry items, household products, pet foods, etc. I now get toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shaving cream, razors, shampoo and conditioner, lotions, facial cleansers and lotions free or for pennies. Now back to what to do with the newspapers!

My husband and I both use the internet to read local and world news daily. I do use the weekly sale ads that come in the paper.

Save on Groceries by Using Double Coupons.

My sons look at the sports and comic pages. We clip the Sudoku and Crossword puzzles and work those. Okay…now what to do with the rest of the paper? I now use my Sunday papers to clean my windows, and mirrors. I was previously using papertowels to clean all of the glass in my house. I really used a lot of papertowels because I really like clean windows and mirrors! With 2 kids and 2 dogs, there are always finger or nose prints on the glass. And the newspapers are even better than papertowels for cleaning glass because there are no streaks!!!

I know Jill and Tawra have most likely already posted about using newspapers to clean glass somewhere on their VERY helpful website but a little reminder never hurts. So often, I know I forget things until it finally is helpful in my situation and then it clicks. Some other uses for newspapers is to roll them tightly into logs for your fireplace, you can lay some in the bottom of your trash can to absorb the things that seep out of your trash bag once in awhile, it also helps absorb the odors in the trash can and in empty suitcases or wadded in shoes.

If you have a garden thick layers of newspaper laid around plants thing covered with a thin layer of mulch helps with weeds. With just my husband and me at home now, I find that I rarely use coupons anymore. I believe that the Extreme Couponers are hurting the rest of us because mfgs are requiring more items for a small discount or there are no items left on the shelf because of the greed of a few. I limit myself now to only what we can eat in a week and know that I can shop again next Saturday for 2 more peaches, pears, etc. I make my grocery list first using the store flyer and then check my coupons for the items on my list.

I also share the ones I know my kids use and send them along to them. Thank you, Jill, for the breakdown on the true value of coupons. Sometimes they work and sometimes not. Thanks to the rest of the posters for all their helpful hints and comments. I tried to read through to make sure no one else mentioned this so forgive me if this is a repeat. Spiritually, I have to question if I spend this much time trying to get something for nothing….. I keep saying I because I have an addictive personality and I know that this could come at devastating spiritual cost! For those who do not have this problem….

I will just keep treasuring my time with my family and friends! I use coupons when I can. And my family does not need processed foods. The majority of coupons are for terrible stuff that no one should eat! Over half of America is overweight, does no one see the connection? I am fortunate that my local Cub Foods often has store coupons for fresh produce and organic whole foods. Is extreme couponing really a savings when you factor in the healthcare costs in addition to the other time and expenses already mentioned? I guess my point is, we can have a healthier future if we focus on the right foods and really look at what we are feeding ourselves and our children.

Read the ingredients! Can you make it? Even then, I may avoid a product. I buy fruit spread sweetened only with fruit juices. I buy whole wheat breads real, not just colored brown that have no corn syrup and other chemicals. I wish you all the best of luck and excellent health. Take care! It is really more portion control then anything along with reasonable eating habits.

People think because they are eating organic they can eat all they want and thus eat more then they should. I worry about pushing nothing but organic because years ago before processed foods people were malnourished because they had no pesticides, good fertilizers or added vitamins and minerals in the foods. Bugs and diseases killed the food crops all the time. Food was not near as plentiful as is now a s a matter of fact during WWII they started fortifying the food because so many of the farm boys raised on the organic food were malnourished.

You have to be careful because there is always a negative to every extreme swing one way or the other. For example since they have put a stop on the old pesticides bed bugs have started taking over in an awful way especially in the places that have put a strong control on pesticides and where they push eating organic more like in California. The same thing will eventually start happening with other pests. I find it interesting that the Bible talks about in the end days there will be famine and pests will come in and wipe things out.

I find that very easy to believe if we keep down the same path we are going. We need to be careful. Plus I see my parents generation 85 plus and my generation baby boomers who were were young or being raised on processed foods living much longer lives then the generations before us who grew everything organically and then there is the new generation who have started being raised on organic things and obesity, allergies and so many other things are getting out of control.

I have known people who have gotten sick because they worry and are so stressed with everything in their life — what they eat, if they exercise enough, are they breathing the right air but never thought about how much stress the they were putting on themselves and there families causing another set of problems. Once again we need balance. Millions and millions die because of awful diseases that insects carry and millions are dying from starvation because the pests are killing crops.

There is another side to this organic thing. I so appreciate you showing the other side. I had a son 10 months ago and had someone tell me if I just couponed I could stay home. They failed to see the per hour salary I would be loosing, but also coupons are almost always on boxed items. Personally, I rather spend the money and feed my family fresh meats, veggies, etc.

I was also behind a person doing extreme couponing the other day who was fighting with the manager over their policy of how many coupons she could use. I think you hit the nail on the head with saying everything in moderation. Additionally they are purchasing mostly prepared foods which contribute to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressue, heart disease, etc. I agree that this is some kind of sickness and merely organized hoarderers. Will the casher register system go down because of all of her purchases? Yes and Yes. Senseless AND boring. Since we switched my second son still at home has not been sick as much either.

But at what cost to us? Since pesticides have been invented cancer rates have increased too. Our soil health has went way down in this country too. I have gotten some great deals when using some with a sale. I always thought you should add the cost of the papers into your equation of savings to get a true picture of savings.

No meds needed to keep him focused. Sorry to go on so long. One thing we need to take into consideration is sometimes we twist things to fit what we want to be true. I have known people who eat organic etc. But see if I wanted too I could have said that to prove the point chemicals helped my kids. We all know that would have been foolish. People can sometimes think themselves into being sick sick or well too. The mind is an amazing thing. I remember when they first came out with being allergic to MSG.

MSG had been in everything and I had never heard of on person being allergic to it then a famous doctor had Chinese food one night and became deathly sick. He wrote a paper saying it was an allergic reaction to the MSG. Immediately everyone jumped on the band wagon and they were taking MSG off the shelves and changing the food in restaurants and it became a big deal. Later that same doctor wrote a retraction saying he had been wrong and there was really nothing in MSG to be allergic too and he had been made sick by something else.

As often happens the retraction went unnoticed.

$150+ Purchase

Now decades later they have been doing studies on it again. Then there was the sugar thing making kids hyper. The funniest and to me stupidest thing I ever heard was the tested the sugar theory out on kids at birthday parties and Christmas. How silly was that. I have lived long enough to see this happen time and again over the years.

There is a happy medium there. I heard something on the radio today that had me almost falling off my chair laughing. Too funny. I wonder what there will be left to eat when all is said and done. Although I did hear the other day you are suppose to eat 3 containers of yogurt a day for your digestive system then I heard you are suppose to eat at least prunes a day maybe the yogurt will counter act what the prunes do to your digestive system. Oh well guess I will go up and fix me some mashed potatoes and corn on the cob for dinner and finish if off with a big helping of one of those good deserts you posted.

You all are too funny! A lowly potatoe is so good for you — and is only about calories or so for a small one! What nonsense! I hate schools telling me how to parent! Oh Donna that sounds even better then mashed potatoes, maybe a little cheese with bacon bits too. I had better back track because we were talking about moderation huh?! I like mashed potaoes and baked potatoes and french fries too and love butter and sour cream on them.

Bacon bits too. I think you just have to use common sense in anything you eat. Common sense is a rarity these days though. The food police are funny. I agree with you completely. I cancelled the subscriptions, pulled 8 or 9 coupons from my briefcase collection and have never regretted the decision. Bea, I have it on good authority that eggplant, kolrabi and brussel sprouts will definetly kill you before it is time to do the dishes. Have been thinking about her a lot since she is gone and reading your post made me think of that comment from her years ago.

I think she was about Mom made her eat the brussel sprouts and I had to do the dishes. She recovered when they were done. Jill I do not really believe all the food theories. There are just too many for them all to be right. Eating foods made from scratch will make you healthy. I cooked from scratch my entire life and ate processed food rarely.

I am now diabetic, have RA, degenerative discs in my back and nerve damage through my entire body. My brother and sister ate identical foods while we were growing up one meal fit all and my brother had nose bleeds and ear aches almost constantly. I had a constant headache, my two younger sisters were so healthy it made you jealous.

My youngest son if he has a glass of orange juice he goes hyper he is now 30 years old and it still happens. Give him a coke and no problem. So it is different strokes for different folks and is not one meal fits all. Life health attitudes are all basically trial and error and unfortunately it is sometimes a lot more error than success. Live and learn. Grandma, my oldest brother says that about hominy.

Another family member thinks that any veggie other than corn, green beans, iceberg lettuce, and a few others are bad for you. Grandma, Kielbasa, brussel sprouts and eggplant are yummy!!! People have something to say about everything as far as food goes. Eveyone has their theories. I do know that Bea. Actually heather grew up to love egg plant. Kelbasa I love. I think it was George Bush who started a flap about brussel sprouts. We had a foster brother for a few years and he was fed the same as us but one day mom said we were having cauliflower.

He turned red and said you can make me eat liver and carrots but there is no way you can make me eat a flower. I just read an article that says if you eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits they somehow block the gene that causes heart disease. Just informed my husband that he will have to have more vegetables.

He just said ok I guess you love me as you want me to live longer. Nothing serious but who wants to feel yucky for 2 days after a drink. Other towns it is ok. We have one family member who refuses most veggies. His faves: potatoes, corn, green beans, and shoestring-cut beets. That is right. I do not even live in the states but a friend said if George W Bush hates them there must be something good in them. He ate his 2nd bite of brocoli in his life and he was Strange how people think. My husband likes raw vegetables so we have lots of salad.

At home he will only use thousand islands but when we go to a salad bar he will be more adventurous. Corn corn and more corn are his vegetables of choice. I love cauliflower raw better than cooked and will not eat cooked turnip but could eat an entire small one raw. I am alergic to oranges and just recently Don bought a box of those small mandarin ones. I thought I would go nuts trying not to eat them but everytime I reached for one I thought of how much my personality changed for the worse I went and chomped on a carrot.

Bea everyone tells me that and that is how they are always cooked. Major problem with that is I hate butter. I have tried all sorts of vegetables and usually find something good to say about them but unfortunately brussel sprouts are something I will not even buy. I keep hearing about how hard it is to go gluten free. When I was trying this diet I found I had to switch one product I had in the house to a different brand. Ok so here in Ontario we do not get the gluten free bisquick which would have been nice and gluten free bread is sold from the freezer and costs an arm and a leg but those were the only problem.

I even found frozen pizza dough gluten free which a friend said tastes just like the real stuff. I find it harder to find products with no citric acid than gluten free. You just need to find a store with a good health food section.. Also gluten free is available in many shop in Ontario easy to get. Some exampels to name a few: I could go on for weeks listing all the Ontario places to get gluten free stuff besides the freezer of your local supermarket.

In some place as big as Ontario it is hard to hit all the places in town and it is especially hard when you have chronic illnesses like Grandma does. Usually within a 2 hour tops drive from that area. I am on the north shore of lake superior. Only place that does until Thunder Bay which is about 4 hours away in the winter. Things are changing up here but with towns dieing due to mill closures it may all go back to the way it was 26 years ago. Where you live and what transportation you have makes a lot of difference in your ability to save money and get things you need to be healthy.

I know Sprouts carries gluten-free items; WFM most likely does also.