Best remortgage deals for bad credit

Get a great mortgage deal without a great credit rating.

There are other factors to consider such as the term of the loan when you plan to retire if you intend to pay your kids university fees etc. Such a scenario could happen following a relationship breakup resulting in a remortgage being required based on a sole income, rather than a joint household income. Not repay the debts in full.

The more details you have accounted for in your expenditure, the more lenders have to help with their risk assessment, and for that part, more details are always better. After distilling the contents, reviewing the material and seeing the actions proposed, there are some key insights you should know about the direction that lenders are expected to be taking.

That direction is to edge on the side of caution, because the FPC issued banks with a warning , meaning they need to be more cautious with risky borrowers. This is the obvious one. The FPC is concerned that banks are being complacent when taking on risky customers. Nothing new, but for a small time there, some banks were approving. At the end of the lease term, you can either pay a lump sum to buy the car, or the dealership will repurchase it from you.

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If you have a PCP in place, lenders may start asking questions about how you intend to repay it at the end of the term. The banks are apparently failing to take into account the risk of interest rates rising. The interest rate is only lowered temporarily, and it will rise in the future. Low-interest rates make it more likely that people will be vulnerable to interest rate increases when that time comes. Brexit tops the list of uncertainty.

Remortgage to buy another house

The only thing they can do is hyperventilate and evaluate a worst-case scenario, one of those being to leave with no deal. Resilience is the keyword for the Financial Planning Committee. They'll also be asked whether they've consulted a financial adviser about gifting the money, and this is something you could consider doing together to discuss the repercussions of the gift. In a number of years you may be in a position to repay the money, and there's nothing stopping you from 'gifting' the money back. If you're unable to get a mortgage because of bad credit, a family member may be willing to be named as a guarantor.

Remortgage With Bad Credit – We Can Help You

Getting a guarantor is a big step, as you and your guarantor will be tied to each other financially. This could have an impact on both your credit ratings. The guarantor would have a charge placed against their own house, which means that if the borrower defaulted on their mortgage payments the guarantor may be liable. Getting a guarantor doesn't remove the need to be credit checked - if your credit is in a bad way, you may still struggle to get a mortgage.

Think about building your credit rating back up with good credit, saving more for a deposit and making yourself a safer proposition to lenders.

Mortgageable | Can I remortgage with a bad credit rating?

This could mean access to more competitive rates down the road, which will save you money in the long run. Finding a mortgage if you have credit issues may be tricky, so it could be a good idea to speak to an adviser. They'll be able to give you advice on the right product for your needs, and help you with your application - you'll have to pay for their help.

GoCompare uses cookies. The reason for this is that the mortgage provider has less reason to loan you a larger amount of money at a lower interest rate if your credit history is poor.

Before looking for any mortgage it is a good idea to check what is on your credit reference agency file to see if you have any credit problems. You should also avoid making lots of applications for credit, as these searches will affect your credit rating.

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You may also wish to speak to your current account provider to see what mortgages they offer and explain to them your credit history situation. If they have no products suitable for you, then at least you know without having to make an application. It's also highly recommended that you compare a wide range of mortgages to find the best deal for you.

Credit ratings

It's essential that you compare the total cost of different mortgages, taking into account fees and charges too. If your credit score has worsened since you took out your current mortgage you may actually get a worse rate by remortgaging. Meaning you may be best off staying put until your credit score has improved. And remember when remortgaging exit and booking fees will eat into the money you could potentially save from lower rate.

If you can get a mortgage, the amount you can borrow is typically determined by your income salary, benefits, pension and other sources of income multiplied by a set figure. However, lenders are also increasingly taking other factors and outgoings into account.